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My first campaign world, “Krull” (a city-state, actually), started in 1979 – well before the 1983 movie of the same name. This campaign started as a dungeon scenario based on Disneyland’s original (1967) Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Over time it grew into many villages, islands, caverns, etc., although I never did actually map out “Krull” the city.

Interestingly, the movie Krull is rumored to be the first Dungeons and Dragons feature film. Somehow the deal fell through and Krull was released without the tie-in.
Coincidence? I think not.

Krull scenarios and game aids may be purchased in PDF format at...
The lands above are the extent of “Krull” circa 1979-81 (map drawn over time). Campaigns usually began in the town of Underport adventuring through the tunnels beneath the town. Below the tunnels at the bottom of “The Eternal Pit” lies a prime material gate to the Abyss.
(Side view of the dungeon at Underport, scale is 20′ per square.)

I am planning to publish the “Krull” materials bit by bit in an updated, more legible format. None of the dungeons were ever completely written out. I ran with maps, a handful of keyed rooms, and ideas of how things fit together. That is the advantage of running your own campaign world from scratch, you don’t have to worry that some later supplement will contradict what you added via improvisation.

Original Krull/Underport Binder circa 1981.
These are some drawings of “Krull” locations…
River entrance to dungeon at Underport
Castle-hold of Tita Luigi Bomba
Locathah caverns

House of Cthia
Satan's Nest prison island
Temple of Heelth
Ryolm & Crolk

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