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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Escape to/from Fort Plague

The adventurers appeared in a relatively barren scrub waste, the afternoon sky approximately what would have been in Blackmoor, albeit colder.

Nearby was a half-eaten horse corpse and somewhat further away a smallish manor-fort flying a flag indicating plague.

The party spied what appeared to be zombies, but they moved faster and were unsusceptible to clerical turning - juju zombies!

Although the juju zombies could not attack the party thanks to the paladin's protection from evil, there was a movement in the wooded hilltops and a colossal, grey, slug-like creature moved through the hills towards the heroes who then retreated inside the fort.

Inside the fort looked abandoned in haste except for an insane person who kept warning about going into the basement. Two bodies were discovered of men who committed suicide, one of which was horribly mutated.

Going into the basement adventurers discovered the mutant denizens of the fort and defeated them, but not before Anu'Barak was infected (and struck deaf and blind trying to affect a cure). The party retreated down a long, narrow tunnel heading south as the probing tendrils of the grey slug reached into the basement vault...