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Friday, October 12, 2018

OSR Guide For The Perplexed Questionnaire

1. One article or blog entry that exemplifies the best of the Old School Renaissance for me: http://ixians.blogspot.com/2010/12/humanspace-empires.html
2. My favorite piece of OSR wisdom/advice/snark: "Thayt Chevski, hye is ane rottah. I liketh him notte ande blayme hyme gretely. Lette hym bee beyten withe stikkes." -- Chaucer
3. Best OSR module/supplement: “Carcosa” by Geoffrey McKinney
4. My favorite house rule (by someone else): Zak S. 5th Ed. OSR Hack “Death & Dismemberment”
5. How I found out about the OSR: Gestalt over time since 2008, I suppose starting with http://grognardia.blogspot.com/
6. My favorite OSR online resource/toy: http://www.thewingless.com/forge/forge.htm
7. Best place to talk to other OSR gamers: Google+
8. Other places I might be found hanging out talking games: Google Blogspot comments
9. My awesome, pithy OSR take nobody appreciates enough: https://www.dropbox.com/s/244p1pe4qmkw6nw/ChasmoftheDrow.pdf?dl=0
10. My favorite non-OSR RPG: I do not presently have one, Call of Cthulhu 7th ed maybe?
11. Why I like OSR stuff: Because there is a tendency to go beyond the rated PG-13.
12. Two other cool OSR things you should know about that I haven’t named yet: “Weird Adventures” by Trey Causey and “Narcosa” by a bunch of folks.
13. If I could read but one other RPG blog but my own it would be: http://dndwithpornstars.blogspot.com/
14. A game thing I made that I like quite a lot is: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/175958/Underport-Abyssal-Descent?src=slider_view
15. I'm currently running/playing: Gently modified 5th ed in future dystopian Wilderlands (loosely… “Frosbitten & Mutilated” for Wild North; ‘Vornheim” for Veridistan, “Narcosa” for Elphand Lands, “World of the Lost” for Valley of the Ancients & Glow Worm Steppes; “Yoon-Suin” for CSIO; “Cinderheim” for The Desert Lands; and “Monolith Beyond Time and Space” for Blackmoor.)
16. I don't care whether you use ascending or descending AC because: Ascend and Descend convert seamlessly.
17. The OSRest picture I could post on short notice:

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Caliban at DunDraCon!

DunDraCon #43 is on it's way, President's Day Weekend in February 2019, and I have my submission in for a mostly-annual Friday evening "official" game. I am updating the high-level Arduin dungeon, "Caliban," by David Hargrave (1979) for use with 5th ed. characters of the World's Most Popular Role-Playing Game.

I am roughly a third of the way through the process, being that the lion's share is going through the original version and annotate it with the stats (all in OD&D-mechanics) from the Arduin Grimoires, then next updating the material into a useable format for 5th ed.

I've just about completed transcribing and annotating the Ground and 1st levels, then need to finish the 2nd and 3rd levels before I start making 5th ed. adjustments.

Mark Schynert, DunDraCon games scheduler and editor of Compleat Arduin, provided these words of encouragement: "Go, Cali, GO... Eat them all!"

Friday, August 24, 2018

The Henderson Monster Creation Table

Steve Henderson, (1944-2006) of Gloriantha, RuneQuest, Chaosium, DunDraCon, and Society for Creative Anachronism fame, crafted a nice little random monster generator for Jeff Pimper's and Steve Perrin's first All the World's Monsters (1977) tome. (You can still purchase a PDF of the book here from Chaosium. 256 critters only $5!)

The tables by themselves will produce some tough nasties. Ha, there is no procedure for mitigating a creature based on the party's capabilities. That's some old school, you gots to know when to beat the expeditious retreat.

There are also percentile chance for "special" movement, attack, and other abilities. Also it seems each beastie gets at least one special detection and immunity.

Interesting bonus, you make up the creature's appearance however you wish. The only visual cue is whether the monster is "Indescribable," "Hideous," "Average," or "Beautiful."

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Demon City

(That's 455 pages, printed double-side with no art)
Go figure. The same day I decide to print and start reading the backer's draft to Zak Smith's "Demon City" my copy of collected stories, Tales of Zothique, by Clark Ashton Smith arrives. (Such tales set in Zothique Dave Hargrave writes for his bibliography to The Arduin Adventure are, "... the true progenitor of ARDUIN.")

This is why I have unfinished books all over my house...

(Yes, the wall behind my desk is a stack of boxes. A relative moved occasionally semi-permanently into my home office and I have been relegated to the garage.)

Friday, August 17, 2018


(Original 1st level of "Metropolis of Chaos")
    Hot damn, I have too many irons in the fires, so's to speak, and while our adventuring group is chugging along I haven't contributed much of anything to the Greater OSR Community since reformatting my auld adventure from the 70-80s, Underport: Abyssal Descent.

    So here are the original vestigial notes that I used to run what is going to be assembled as "Metropolis of Chaos" (in their original AD&D format).

    Much of the original adventure's story was run impromptu around probably 1984-85 (?) addled with a variety of alcohol and drugs including a conclusion on good old Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

    I just need to focus, focus, focus. Ha the story of my life...