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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

"Direbane" First Website & Setting

I first started the Direbane website after being laid off from a job in 2008 with the idea of forming an interesting new campaign world for 4e. I had high hopes of selling supplements and scenarios under the 4e GSL. It was to be a Mesoamerican-style futuristic sci-fi ring world sort of thing, so I found some pre-Columbian artwork and provided a little description.

The setting was an engineered megastructure orbiting the Sun called Terra Preta (after the fertile soil found in the Amazon Basin) that is based on the Globus Cassus design by Swiss architect and artist Christian Waldvogel. A little bit of my design cribbed from Waldvogel's art is below.

Terra Preta
The design made for some game-worthy attributes because gravity actually decreases at the edges of habitable land and there are huge areas of "dead zones" manufactured to give the structure stability, but lacking an atmosphere or sunlight.