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Postman Bob

1) A Master Thief!
2) Never let the driver pay!
3) Used the same PeeChee folder for 30 years of gaming!
4) The only person I've seen roll four Natural 20's in a row!
5) And at our game, had The Final Word...  


J.A.S.'s arm, Postman Bob, & Matrox Lusch
(DunDraCon XVIII, 1994) 
J.A.S. artistry. Rip Sly, O.J. Hash, & Fred versus D.M. Chuck W. 
Railroad Ave. days... waaay back in 1984!
Postman Bob's
Master Thief ~
"Rip Sly!"
 We each started in an iconic class, Postman Bob was our thief, Rip Sly. Also along was Rip Sly's henchman, Black Jack. You needed your henchmen back in the day!

 Only in J.A.S.'s world...
that, and techno-Drow!!!

Postman Bob's
12th Level Wizard ~
   "Tarz Tarkus!"
 Although he enjoyed playing the thief, Postman Bob's subtle virtuosity at The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game is evident in his second most favorite character, this Staff of the Magi-wielding Wizard. "Ithnel Ne-Enday!"

Cyrus the Cleric (with Paladin abilities).

Postman Bob did a good job with his 3.5 thief, Slade (not a rogue). However, Postman Bob never really adopted to 3rd edition. He kept his ambidextrous, back-stabbing two-handed attacks to the end. (By the way, Slade is stuck with the Wilderlands party, deep in the Drow underdark...)