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Monday, October 27, 2014

DunDraCon XXXIX "Borshak's Lair"!


I put in to run a 5th Edition game using the Basic Rules at DunDraCon, "The West Coast's Premier Game Convention," next February. It should be quite fun with this short, interesting scenario...


A goblin bandit leader converts a hero's tomb into a hide-out. Still some things are best left alone. What was old is new again as a classic scenario from the OD&D era receives 5th edition treatment. This small dungeon was perpetrated on the unsuspecting by Jennell (Paul) Jaquays, J. Mark Hendricks, Randy Cox & Dave Marbry, and published December 1976 in The Dungeoneer #3 (a Dungeons and Dragons fanzine that later merged with Judges Guild Journal). Create a new band of adventurers to see how they fare against a first level or thereabouts adventure from the really-old school era. Can 5e unite the editions? You be the judge!

*** UPDATE *** It's on! My game has been pre-scheduled for 8 pm Friday, February 13th (?!). That is day one of DunDraCon, buttercups! 5 players, and we'll be rolling new cha's for the whole 5e intro experience.  :~)

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