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Thursday, April 16, 2015


Ok, I want to award parties treasure after encounters. I really do. However, I must confess I have a lot more fun working on the encounter itself i.e. maps, monsters, the occasional trap (enough to make them think about it, but not so much that looking for traps doesn't seem to become... necessary, until. Oops.).

The end result is that sometimes I put in treasure how and when I feel like it, or when I remember.

Therein lies a problem. Say I have a horde of 40 some-odd critters, all of a certain treasure type. Not only do I have to roll on all these tables to figure out what's there, but often some stuff is dorky so I end up picking things just because they look cool to me.

I should have thought of this earlier, the interweb knows all eh?, but this person over at donjon has developed applications for all these tasks! You just put in the details of what you're looking for and voila!!! Not only that, he has adapted table from AD&D through 5e plus Pathfinder and other games like Microlite.

Any how, this site relieves a HUGE amount of the boring part of dungeon crafting, yet still provides a framework for me to think, "Yeah, the gold and gems and stuff are cool, but what this horde really needs is a pair of magical dancing dwarf boots with were-fairy ability!"

(The only time I want to roll dice is for attacks & damage!)

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  1. Weeeeeell... perhaps a bit too much information. I mean, I just like my gems sorted by GP value, not whether it's a bloodstone or something. The salvage (mundane) items are cool, but situational because soooo much stuff lists out (at least in high level treasures). In any event, what I found in the main useful is just treasure by gold & magic items. I can then kind of tease other more unique items out from those values.