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Thursday, December 8, 2016

6th Episode from 1990 Game Session

My my my, I found out there is actually a link between this campaign from 1990 and my current game. Sick Rick and Dingul who DMed this ancient session actual gave a shout out in their scenario to my old "Krull" campaign, mentioning Orcus imprisoned in a sword and smashed "at the Gates of Hell!" (A prime material gate to the Abyss, actually) My current campaign had found the smashed sword, re-forged through the machinations of an Orcus-cult seeking to free Orcus. This is exactly what was going on in Sick Rick's and Dingul's scenario.

Did their Orcus-cult succeed?

That could throw an interesting timeline, or some alternative reality stream, into my current campaign...

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