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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Legendary Lands of Arduin, Episode 4 (World Geography)

A delve into the original gonzo DIY RPG setting of Arduin.

In this video I go through the continents and oceans of Khaas.

Some Arduin Pronunciations (Mark Schynert):

My initial observation is that Dave tended to stick 'H' into proper names as a trailer for some other consonant with abandon, but I never hear it pronounced, except for ph/sh/ch/th. I've never seen a written phonology of any of this, so I have to rely on what I've heard, and do some extrapolation. My best guesses ...

Pronunciation guide for the following:

    • Fhedlspaera = fed•is•PAY•ra
    • Khaora = ka•O•ra
    • Extaercara = ex•TAY•ka•rain
    • Archaela = ar•KAY•la (pretty sure about this one)
    • Laenkrwat = I dunno...LAYNK•ur•wat? Never heard it, not sure it was ever said.
    • Orichalcum = or•ï•CHAL•cum, but colloquially or•IK•cu•lim. 
      Yeah, maybe because the formal term is an uncomfortable mouth full of raw squid to an English speaker. 

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