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Thursday, September 10, 2020

DunDraCon Hosting an Online Events Database


DunDraCon, the west coast's longest-running game convention, is still planning for an in-person convention for year 45 in 2021 (ha, well kinda year 46, but that is another story).  DunDraCon announced Wednesday (9/9/20) that if they are forced to postpone the convention, there will not be any sort of Virtual or Online DunDraCon. 

However, they did set up a new feature, the Online Event database for event leaders (really anyone) to post their online games, podcasts, webinars, Youtube channels... as long as it is related to gaming. 

An "Open Gaming" database for online games and other events. You can add events here.

There are only a few events so far, but you can check for gaming events here.

Keep checking for game updates (there will probably be many if the convention is cancelled) and maybe put yourself out there to run a game or two.

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