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Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Dark and Stormy Knight...

Given that snake-mystic and her dog-naga vanished almost as suddenly as she appeared, it was perhaps not unreasonable drow priestess and posse off away in hover ship. However, the ship unexpectedly bore east rather than southwest to suspected drow enclave.

Our heroes followed the drow hover ship's path as a steady rain began to fall. After a full day's march west, and needing to rest for health and spells, adventurers pitched a cramped tent for the night, setting order of the watch. During half-orc barbarian's turn hearing soft thud, three winged monkeys peering in... with Medusa heads!

Flying Medusa Monkeys

These beasts and four more of their brethren violently attacked wielding glowing, magical scimitars and a horrific stoning ability (barbarian within hair of petrification), but elfin thief-wizard's fireball succinctly repels - unfortunately destroying party's only shelter from the storm.

Thief-wizard envisions terrific plan, reducing the barbarian to fine-size, where man-with-no-name can send barbarian aloft with arrow from his longbow. 500' above the treetops barbarian can spy for signs of light... civilization... then gently to earth by way of feather fall ring..

Plan comes to fruition with barbarian sighting ten miles east a bright glowing fire-light above the treetops - perchance a tower in the forest! Also barbarian see'd against the moonslight masses more flying Medusa monkeys scattering toward the east.

Barbarian's view from an arrow
Man-with-no-name experiences consternation realizing path of the hover ship led nearly back to where they escaped Orcus merely a day prior, two miles south of said dungeon. They had backtracked as far as their prior day's traveling!

Being without shelter from rain for thief-mage to study, and as barbarian peeked some low lying sharpened hills directly south, the band ventured there hoping for some craggy overhang shield to the elements. Striking through the night up wooded hills to promising outcrop, mesmerizing bird-song echoed unil suddenly the trees above reveal evil half-bird enchanters!

Harpy Archer
Three harpy's challenge using frosty bow-shots from above, but gradually succumb to thief-mage's fireball's, blasters from Paladin and reptile-priest, and return arrow volleys from man-with-no-name. Resulting damage required more urgent rest even than spells, so group sleeps rest of night and half-day 'neath the stony crag.

Reptile-priest's search for the harpy's nest found naught, they march through afternoon sun twelve miles in the direction of lit tower from night afore. Along way strange dwarf in crystal armor and fiery elfin hybrid join yet again the party. And fiery elf drifts up above forest tress to inspect if tower is visible. Lo, while fiery elf does spot a tower-like apparition, he also takes note of many, many flying Medusa monkeys circling the construct in clockwise pattern out about 300 yards radius.

Moving closer, the now-larger assembly saw arrayed out about the purported tower, a number of metal men, motionless at attention bearing blasters and swords.

Metal Men
As adventurers debate, metal men attack with blasters. Crystal dwarf charges lancing the metal men as he passes, where spell casters pepper with fireballs and ranged fighters with tech blasters. As the metal men are destroyed each self-disrupts in a 60' diameter concussive force which wounds crystal dwarf nearby. Gradually metal men in the vicinity are defeated, but adventurers expect more soon at hand, and what of Medusa monkeys overhead...?

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