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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


DunDraCon Game #102 - Cyberhell
Friday, February 17, at 6 PM in 163 for 8 hours, Room Map
GM: Matrox Lusch
System: Dungeons & Dragons 1st/3rd Hybrid
Players: 8, Players provide their own characters
Power Level: 10th-15th
Variations: Will accomidate 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Ed chars
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

Sigil, center of the Multiverse, has vanished.
The Astral Plane has become Evil-aligned and corrosive, literally dissolving the Mutiverse where connections open at points in Outer Planes or Prime Material. Rumors abound the Arch-Fiend Lucifer, Prince of Darkness and Evil, is free from his icy, Inferno prison.
A band of heroes magically appears before an odd-looking, robed person who whispers,

'You must go DIRECTLY to Hell...'

       Cyberhell is inspired and skinned over portions of Geoffry O. Dale's 'Journey through Malebolge' which is, in turn, Dale's modern imagining of his old 1980 Judges Guild product, 'Inferno' - believed deadlier even than the original 'Tomb of Horrors!' My 'skin' of Cyberhell is loosely based on a home brewed scenario from the mid-1990s by my good friend Sick Rick and his pal Deangul Bunsen Burner.
       I will run the adventure with my own blended 1e/3e hybrid rules which, in general, utilizes d6 'party' initiative, and de-emphesizes skill checks in favor of race and class abilities. Otherwise, the saving throws, magic, and combat rules are essentially 3rd/3.5 edition.
       There is no need to update your character sheet into a new rules version. In this game I'll mostly translate where necessary on the fly into my hybrid rules. However, I will accommodate 3rd Ed. and 5th Ed. skills where appropriate, as well as potential 1st/2nd Ed. saving throws and abilities. The goal being to give adventurers best possible chances versus an EXTREMELY deadly environment. 
       Situationally, if you can pull an imaginative idea from any set of rules that might save the party, we'll roll with it!
       That said, please make sure yours is a high-level character you yourself have run, from 1st level to whatever. It may be that the character has collected dust, but we'd like as least some memories as to the limits of what your character can do existing somewhere in the old noggin.
       Also, please bring whatever rule books you use to run your character including Players Handbook and DM's Guide. I will bring my old 1st Ed. AD&D books, my 1e/3.5 Hybrid rules, and the 5th Ed. Basic Rules for my own reference.
       Lastly, please bring your own set of dice. A character miniature would be cool, but not required.