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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sigil then the Night of 10,000 Corpses

The Hive ward on Sigil.
The Ditch
  Theatrics began when many of our heroes gathered at a bar known as the Emerald Eye on the edge of the Hive ward on Sigil, the City of Doors, city at the center of the universe.
  The Hive ward is the poorest and most crime-ridden ward of all of Sigil, and the neighborhood of the Emerald Eye was of particular squalor being adjacent to "the ditch," Sigil's only body of water and normally filled with a slow moving, stagnant bilge, bobbing with rotting corpses, kitchen scraps, and all manner of refuse hurled into it for easy disposal by the neighboring residents.

Planar Chess at the Emerald Eye
   The Emerald Eye hosts nightly tournaments of "Planar Chess" directed by a blind seer. This night a strange, dandified fellow was somewhat nervously toying with a shimmering blue marble talking to himself about how he had nothing to worry about, moments till he would be out of this place and in any event could never be detected in Sigil.

Metallic hounds
   Suddenly the light in the room unnaturally darkened and a half-dozen or more hounds with blue-metallic hides appeared from thin air to attack the dandy. While the monstrous dogs focused on tearing apart the unfortunate fellow, our heroes in the inn stood ground and attacked while the remaining patrons fled. Eventually the hounds were struck down and the dandy's small, blue marble was discovered just as it's shifting characters became still. In a flash everyone left inside the room was magically transported to a frozen mountainous forest.

    The party came upon a clearing with a structure made of sticks and animal hides. Several small animals were stuffed hanging from the trees. Other hides were stretched with poorly spelled names on them. A hermit showed up to offer the group some badger meat, but warned them not to go up to the top of the mountain or they were all "doomed"! The party went up anyway discovering a vast graveyard with a cabin at the far end.
  Searching through the cabin the adventurers discovered a trap door covering a ladder heading down. The catacombs beneath revealed vast crypts full of thousands of corpses. Eventually, the party encountered a weird whistling plant-like creature that attacked them as they passed nearby, so the fighters destroyed the thing. Then everyone heard "Brains, braaaains..." coming from the crypts.
  Fleeing the undead onslaught a vampire lord, General Overlord Cyris Maximus, was encountered who offered to stop the zombies if the party would free him as he is cursed to remain in the crypts. The party refused and eventually were able to escape back up to the surface. The party rapidly traveled down the slopes, ever-hearing the thousands of undead following behind them...