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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Blipping Campaign Video Playlist on YouTube

I just created a YouTube playlist here for our Blipping campaign videos from the 1990s. There are presently 60 5-minute segments, essentially 5 hours of gaming spread among 12 different game sessions of varying length.

Ha, it may be that some folks have game snippets or single games, but the nearest I can tell we were unique being the first and only by around 2 decades to video tape most of our game sessions. Plus we gamed 1st edition (with various mods depending on who was DMing) up until the end of this campaign in 2005.

There a many more videos to come as I am barely to mid-1993...

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


So this is really for the party in my current game. Old school heavy metal, just don't put these in your mouth. Still there are some decisions to be made and it seems easier to post all the pics here than have a gargantuan email...

PS There is lead in these metal miniatures, "white metal" which is any number of lead or tin alloys. These metallic forms of lead only cause problems if a person ingests it, so the time there needs to be extra precautions is when working on a figure i.e., melting, filing, cutting and the like. Painted and sealed lead-alloy minis carry little to no risk. (Recommended to apply base coat of paint over the entire figure, even the bottom which I hadn't done in the past.) And don't suck on them!

Anton: What colors do you want for your plague Doctor?
(In particular the color of that flask-like holy symbol!)

Bree: See Joe below.
<Kobold pic>

Darren: This is the only elf cleric-mage mini I found. Can I paint him up???

Jim: This is your half-orc barbarian with the 2-handed sword. I will paint him barbarianey.

Joe: Your miniature and Bree's are all finished by you and Bree. Don't forget them October 5th!

John P.: Found this broad on eBay. Bastard sword, crossbow, no shield, and sensible chain.

(Ha, this is my robot character.)

Mike: Do you want to use Elf #1, or Efl #2?

Rick: Half-elf mage with floppy dart.

Sasch: Do you want to use Fighter #1, or Fighter #2?
 (Or another Fighter, I don't recall your weapon-in-hand or armor.)

Scott: Found a Dwarf mini with an ax where the shield is molded into the miniature. Success!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Meet the Party

This past Saturday night we began our new adventuring party using Advanced Labyrinth Lord in a shared word with rotating Dungeon Masters.

I am running our heroes through Deep Carbon Observatory and they just bull-rushed around nearly all the overland encounters prior to the dungeon. Basically all the freaky folk in the drowned lands began to creep everyone out so they gave the drowned lands a wide berth taking the hilltop scenic route up around the busted dam.

Player characters are as follows:
  • Gundar Sharman, a dwarven cleric with inflamed gums and rotting teeth.
  • Stabby Not-Nice, a kobold fighter with a sailor henchman she saved from being unjustly executed.
  • Sando Brech, human fighter who cares only of getting paid.
  • "5", half-orc fighter who escaped from the orc-chieftain's harem where she was fifth concubine.
  • Darrius, an elf cleric-mage.
  • Ghati Phry, a dwarf fighter exiled from his homeland in the western mountains.
  • Doc von Slushfstim, a human plague doctor.
  • Gorg, half-orc barbarian.
  • Raspatan, elf cleric-assassin.
  • Handsome McLane, half-elf mage.
Here are most of the players...