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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole

 Our intrepid band found themselves sliding along the tunnel beneath the plagued fort as if the ground had turned sideways, yet behind them their views was still of the far off crypts. Walls became rounded and slicker than glass as the adventurers plummeted into a web-filled room.

(Were a bard to have accompanied them, they might have learned these were "rabbit holes," tubular rips puncturing the very fabric of the multi-verse thought to be byprodects from interplanar passage of  powerful beings...)

Inside the webbing the party joined with a dwarven fighter with magic pony and half-efreet sorcerer who also befell the same cluster of rabbit holes. Denizens of the webs were wasp-like spider creatures with extremely nasty venom which the heroes were able to dispense with thanks to the sorcerer's fireballs.

Going on, caverns of gelatinous cubes and oozes were discovered, as well as an underground river, but no intelligent locals until four two-headed trolls arguing over meager treasure. The newly met dwarf kept the two trolls not slain as unwilling henchmen.

 When the party was attacked by an angry momma-purple-worm Anu'Barak, rejuvinated by a cure disease from Anton the Paladin, bore his way out from the worm's gullet stabbing down through hardened skull to slay it.

Treasure was accumulated, but no sign of any civilization, so the group followed down a narrow stair, being at least a sign of civilized works.

Nearly 100' down a small throne was found, a disguised secret door in actuality. When the half-efreet entered (the door barring the remainder of his companions), he was grappled by hideous blood-wights who essentially water-boarded him with their blood.

The party dragged the throne-door from it's rods and peppered the blood-spewing wights with fireballs until they succumbed leaving a vast, columned temple-area. The elf discovered a secret door leading to another narrow stair heading still further downward.

Here, our heroes search revealed a still vaster temple, that of the kobold lich-cleric of orcus and his rawbones minions (terrifying, flayed folk, in life tortured to death). A ferocious battle ensued with paladin, fighters, sorcerer, and elven mage-thief all steeped in combat against the undead squad while avoiding a humungous vampire-ooze filling a 30' pool in the chamber.

Whilst the party was victorious, even the elf mage-thief who survived several rounds entombed by and with the cleric-lich, the undead kobold's treasure went unfound, as was also not found the lich's phylactery...