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Friday, September 22, 2017

Agent of Shield

(Judges Guild Judges Shield, Front/Players' View)

(Judges Guild Judges Shield, Back/Judge's View)
Whence I reminisced on another post/another blog there was occasion pulling out some really old stuff from waaaaay back. This is a copy of the Judges Guild Judges Shield where mine had the crap used out of it for long past its life-span which expired late 1979/early 1980 when the screen was much supplanted with the T$R Dungeon Master's Screen.

I purchased this probably sometime between March and June 1978. Didn't bother me a bit that the tables were all OD&D and became virtually useless for AD&D once Gygax's Dungeon Master's Guide came out the following year. This was the staple screen for all my games, and during it's heyday was friggin' slick. Every inch of this six-panel screen was covered with useful material.

The only knock is that one had to tape the sections together which invariably failed eventually, requiring re-taping and gradual erosion of the cardstock. The only thing that saved this particular beast from total obliteration is that I somehow misplaced the shield for a few decades and only fairly recently a few years ago discovered it in with a bunch of my bro's gaming crud.

Fun Fact: If you peer very closely at the "Monsters" sections you'll see an entry for "Hobbits."

(My actual screen today, quite more thrashed than whatever scan I found for above.)