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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Cube World DIY Print

Cube World is an electronic-only product created by Zak Smith and available in installments (presently 20 of them) in PDF format that also comes with hi-res JPEG files of the source material.

What I've done for myself is print out all of the installments in a comb-bound book, and also (because I am a nutter) have printed out photo-quality images of the source material to make a Cube World Atlas for my home use.

I will reiterate my message from the video that there is nothing else like this being published in the OSR today. The breadth, artistry, and utility of the installments as a whole is phenomenal, I mean absolutely incredible.

Cube World Installments may be purchased here...

If you are going to print the installments for personal use you need a color laser printer (inkjet ink would cost a fortune). In the long run laser printers are way more economical than inkjet, especially if you search around and find a good third party ink supplier.

Because I do a lot of personal binding of my gaming stuff I already had a comb binding machine (they run about $50-$75 plus you have to buy the plastic combs). If you do some DIY books comb binding is an inexpensive method to bind a book if you don't mind a cardstock cover (not hardbound).

Note: I DID NOT trim the Cube World book of installments because I wanted to add as time went on, but longer books, if you do this a lot, require a machine-cutter to trim the edge or you can pay a print shop to trim (I bought a machine-cutter because print shops sometimes over trim). I think about 8 years ago I paid around $120 for a machine hand-press cutter that will cut I think up to 300 pages at a time.

You can pay always pay a print-shop to do all of this but $$$.

The Atlas pages I printed on photo paper and placed in one of these Pioneer Leatherette Post Bound Album, 8.5x11 pages, because the "bolt" page binding is concealed, and these are hardbound more like a regular book, but also expandable.

The album itself comes with 10 pages (enough for 20 prints). You can get all kinds of cheaper expansion pages, however if you purchase the Pioneer Albums Postbond Top Loading Page Protectors with 5 8.5x11 pages (this is a 3-Pack) these include the expansion bolts to increase the size of the album.

I put photo-paper prints of Zak's notebook pages (which are smaller, original page size 8.5x5.5) in this Filexec Products Art Presentation Book, 5"x7", 24Page/48 Views, (Pack of 2). I printed these 2 per page and then trimmed them down with a simple paper trimmer that run about $20 and are useful to have around.

Here are images of Cube World maps discussed in the video:

Oh, and here is the "unauthorized" cover I put together...