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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Silver Road at DunDraCon #44

The Silver Road game for Troika! role playing is on for an "official" DunDraCon game Friday, February 14, from noon until 8:00pm. I missed getting my usual 6pm Friday timeslot, but, har, Troika! may not have been a game requested by anyone.

Random Addison and myself have been brainstorming each week to come up with a variety of different encounters that will flesh-out the simplicity and genius that be Troika!

Hmmmm, San Ramon Marriott Hotel room 161... wonder what we wrought in there.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Soon... The Crimping

(Party on the bridge between stalactites in Deep Carbon Observatory)
The adventuring party has been headed down long enough into Deep Carbon Observatory to catch a clew about what is kept deep in this underworld..., however this the last DunDraCon in San Ramon, California. Our annual President's Weekend haunt for the past (mumble, mumble) 29 years.

So Sick Rick brought up the idea of his DMing some games which got me hyper-loaded that we could co-DM the last session at the San Ramon Marriott and my brain began to envision all the crazy ways we could throw back to our classic games there.

Our very first year (1992, thanks Kev for cluing us in) we "borrowed" some room with an official game scheduled that had vacated, pretended to be that game, smoked so much weed filling the hall with smoke that two poor dudes couple doors down got busted (we were smart enough to lock the door), and left the commandeered hotel room littered with liquor and beer bottles. My goodness, the expression of that DM arriving early for his 8:00am game.

We left a trail of bottles, cigarette butts, vomit, stacked furniture, and fucking hellacious games. Game sessions designated with proper names: aforementioned Flower People ('92), Pee-Wee Herman God Jambicon ('93), methamphetamine-fueled Jitterycon ('94), insanely drunk dungeon mastering Revenge of the Son of Greg ('95), Porno Matt and Kev's Wild Turkey 101-infused Executive Decision ('96).

Early on we mostly commandeered vacant gaming rooms, but we also gamed in the stairwell a bunch (no cameras then and you could smoke in there), hallways were good, and then the standby open gaming rooms.

Well the one thing I'm gonna do is keep it moving, the party this game should either be running or fighting.