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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Downward into Insanity!

Demon Hole...
Lurking in the secret treasury of the Kobold-Lich, the party was rejoined by the strange dwarf in crystal armor and fiery elfin hybrid. The pit extended down 100' where it opened into a chamber, then extended downward over two hundred more feet unto molten magma.

Following impetus from wandering, huge, gelatinous cube, adventurers braved (some knowingly, one not so much) symbol of insanity warding the opened chamber to discover an a demonic court run by a 20' tall nalfenshee served by seven alastor demons wielding murderous scythes.

Nalfenshee Court
Following ferocious battle, several of the demons fled by teleport, alas also many adventurers in this unstable prime material realm, leaving only paladin, barbarian, and reptile priest.

Searching through this bizarre set of caverns all seemed a trap, or worse. Joined by the Man With No Name, the party worked their way jumping rocks over pools of sinister mist, barbarian moving ahead of the others. The heroes survived an energy blast of unholy fire to reach the barbarian, finding the sinuous half-orc warrior shaken in a temple-like hall with walls of ebony bricks. An immense statue of a ram-headed, bat-winged demon holding a skull-tipped mace; a gargantuan, wingless creature glowing in a violet hue that seems to seep from between the creature's craggy scales raises its toothy maw...

The Man With No Name uttered a long forgotten two word phrase, "Plasma dragon."

Plasma Dragon

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Eye of Incongruous Elocution (or Tsolya'ni Poorly Pronounced)

End of Night Visage
Had an entertaining night running essentially "out of the box" 1975 Empire of the Petal Throne game for a half-dozen kind folks at DunDraCon #40. Not two minutes out the gate for first combat and had to make a rules adjustment (damage appeared to be too bizarre, deadly, and weighted against player characters. Unless Phil Barker was showing "Do not fight!").

My brief oversea sojourn vignette set to introduce players to the rules actually turned out to be the most entertaining part of the evening. By the time the PC's arrived at my planned introductory EPT scenario, The Tomb Complex of Nereshánbo, the hour was approaching 11pm which only permited time for excursion through approximately one fifth of the Tomb Complex scenario.

Lesson for next time: Should a brief random set of encounters be proceeding most entertainingly, go with the flow rather than shoe-horning in the original pre-made scenario.

Nonetheless a pleasant visit with some brilliant (not kidding, who figures out the density of lime stone on the fly for an RPG game?) gamers. Thank you very much Chris, Basil, Mel, Ken(?), Saul, and "youngest player at the table." (damn, I should have wrote this closer in time to the event!)