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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

X-mas Wizard!

A mini I painted for son-the-eldest as an X-mas gift, the X-mas Wizard! The miniature is a 25mm Reaper brand, painted using Testors plastic model paint. I have always used Testors to paint my miniatures, which wears off from finger contact over time and results in a nice patina-like effect. There is adhesive green felt on the bottom, padding similar to a chess piece.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord is Here!

~ Hey, this is my map! :~)
I received The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord in the mail today, and it is a super-impressive work! The essay by Jon Peterson does a great job of putting the dungeons in context of D&D from its origins up to the mid-1980s (30 years ago, really?!). The eight dungeons are all written by young folks at the time and reproduced in color as exact copies of the source material. Alas, it appears mine own work is the only one written without thought of being useful for other DMs, the other seven dungeons being written in a pseudo-"Module" style where mine is merely brief notes (a'la Judges Guild) needed to move the game along. As usual, there is a +5 Holy Avenger and Plate Mail of Etherealness hidden inside... Habitition is currently shipping to Kickstarter backers & pre-orders, but you'll be able to find it online at Plagmada.