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Saturday, June 16, 2018


The Man-With-No-Name awakes alone, opulent golden hatch open to the entryway hall exit door. Fully healed and stocked Man proceeds into hall, hatch sealing behind him with a hiss of pressurized air. The exit door opens with breezy chill to snowy white expanse. Once outside the Buddha Temple, as Man-With-No-Name surmised it would, vanished - lost to time or space. But Man was not alone in the frozen snow.

Reptile Cleric and McQueef the half-orc stood by, as also the dark-skinned half-elven ranger. One half-elf druidic personage of unknown character bemusedly surveyed the scene.

The distance hard to discern as horizon melded snow and cloudy sky, but to west are interspersed hillocks beneath the snow. To north the snowy plain extends to vision's limits. East on what appears as the horizon extends a beginning of grey backwoods, bereft of any greenery. And to the south perhaps a few hours march the snow-covered ground undulates as if a slow, wind-tossed ocean.

The party decides to venture southward where upon reaching the undulationous plain discovers acres upon acres of vast webbing over opposing armies frozen in battle. McQueef investigates closer and each soldier appears to have been dipped in fast-drying resin and permanently cohesed in their place of combat. The webbing fluttering over and among the soldiers is unbreakable and nonflammable. Reptile-cleric's ritual of detection reveals... powerful abjuration magic.

Half-Elf druid (Nimglin) calls forth earth elemental that begins to construct a 10' high, 20' by 20' earthen mound from on top of to pitch a tent. During construction half-elf ranger sends her white owl to survey the surrounding territory, communicating back to ranger that a small pack of wolves approach from south east.

As adventurers prepare defensively, loud howls and panicky growls are heard... until silence.

In the twilight before nightfall some things approach, appearing at first to be yak-faced mammals by Reptile cleric's and McQueef's 360-foot infravision, then to closer 90' darkvision the creatures are seen to be many-horned and float slightly above the snow, and finally, to within 60', the druid and ranger half-elves' colorized darkvision and closest proximity reveal half-dozen spiderlegged and many-eyed floating, drooling terrors. "Shoot, shoot now!" yells the ranger.

The terrors attack with telekinetic bolts, and become invisible as heroes return fire. In mind of druid terrors apologize and promise glorification "forever" as druid and ranger escape grappling druid's flying giant owl from figurine. When battle subsides, one creature ran off. However, its companions died, their corpses hissing and melting into the snow leaving mere scraps of colored cloth...