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Saturday, June 18, 2016

When Evil is Good

"Kneel before Orcus," plasma dragon toyed, cat-like, barbarian backs away and into radiant beast then rages with axe.

To join paladin, reptile priest and man-with-no-name - archer mage thief, staff-bearing wizard, and humble cleric appear. Treasure troves to left & rights of Orcus statue piques adventures' interestedness.

Party diffuses about the temple to avoid gargantuan dragon's impending breath. Hacks, and hacks again. Arrows, magic bolts, and ceiling caused crashing down all wound radiating lizard. Demons now teleport too, to avenge their forfeit at nalfenshee court.

Archer-mage-thief surrounded by impenetrable darkness as dry, yappy dog-voice exhorts blasphemous phrases devised to paralyze the goodly elf. Surprise! Goodly archer mage thief no longer so, after magic deck metamorphosed elf to evil.

Scaly reptile falls, demons flee or are dispatched, kobold lich-cleric recalls into hiding, treasure looted. Paladin grasps simple, mithril sword displayed before Orcus statue on alter of bison-like bones draped golden fur pelt of ki-rin. "I am Bob," thinks sword within paladin's mind, the scent of demons now strong and attracting.

Tired band of heroes begin their careful ascent to the surface.

110' up now in secret treasure room of kobold lich-cleric, thieves pause previous to opening secret door. Then, yappy dog-voice... also, Abyssal in tone a familiar glabrezu. Ram's head amulet of archer mage thief begins heavy throb, and in paladin's hand Bob crackles with static energy leans in toward Abyssal discussion...