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High Fantasy

Based among the lands surrounding that beloved old 70s Judges Guild product, City State of the Invincible Overlord, our 3rd Edition (v.3.5 actually) Wilderlands of High Fantasy Campaign ran from 2005 through to 2011. Below, for your elucidation & Enjoyment, are the game notes from all of the sessions through to mid-2010. (The entire game history/calendar is viewable here)

A journal of the High Fantasy adventures, from the perspective of Artaban, can be viewed/downloaded here.

Below are the Games, Interludes and Journeys from the "Wilderlands of High Fantasy" Campaign... (First Game November 26, 2005)

Games = Regular gaming sessions with the adventuring party.
Interludes = Generally stop-gap measures to write absent characters back into the game.
Journeys = Generally special gaming sessions for characters who've split from the party.

Game 1 George comes out of the forest to meet Joe, Katri, and Artaban at an inn in Carnage.

Game 2 At Thunderhold Bribel, Duncan, Slade and Tim join to follow Rorystone Road to City State.

Game 3 Day in City State of the Invincible Overlord... and a quest!

Artaban Interlude 1 Artaban visits Illitorith, the Overlord's High Wizard, is provided a task and a stave.

Games 4&5 Leave Tim in City State, Aargh joins party. Visit druid plant dude and Bier.
Artaban Interlude 2 Lady of Mysteries and Blackspine.

Games 6&7 Aeristol village, ruined keep & wizard's tower. Portal leads south, meet Anton, go to swampy fort.
Artaban Interlude 3 Gleaned from the writings of Karastal the wizard.

Game 8 Lizard-folk caves, George's demonic headache and Bribel blight-be-gone.

Games 9&10 Bribel kills Artaban, party heads to City State of Zothay. Ox & undead pirates, hobgoblins at tower.

Artaban Journey 1 Dead Artaban's ghost finds astral gate to Demonweb Pits in tower, there finds portal to desert.

Artaban Journey 2 Artaban meets desert explorers, stays at the Caravanserai of Forsaken then to Necropolis.

Game 11 Travel to hobgoblins camp, find Red Hand invasion map. Plane probs with tower portal, gith attack.

Duncan Interlude 1 Portal door sinks with ship, Duncan kidnapped to Astral Plane by Githyanki.
Artaban Journey 3 Retreat from Necropolis, counsel from Lady of Mysteries and sending from Illitorith,

Game 12 Green dragon fight, Bribel spies approaching army. Pary warns Bier and learns portal under water.
Artaban Journey 4 Artaban back in Necropolis for gate to Astral, rescues Duncan to appear in Viridistan.

Duncan & Artaban 1 Teleport to tower, Artaban joins with his dead body. Scry of Yurrim, Illitorith pulls them through.

Artaban Interlude 4 Mr. Roachii's world.
Game 13 Tim gets the party to Viridistan & Mycr Prophet Fernlace. Quest to Tell Qa, drow troubles.

Duncan& Artaban 2 Illitorith introduces Whitefire, ambushed by Black Adder assasins. Fly to Tell Qa, find party.

Artaban Interlude 5 Artaban studies in Roachii-world.

Game 14 Drow attack inn, party descends to crypts and finds drow outpost.

Game 15 Deeper into outpost, kill drow vampire & discover caverns to Underdark.

Smith Interlude Smith's past adventures in theUnderdark.

Smith Origins The origin of Smith.
Smith & Fighters Interlude Smith advances on the fighters as the spellcasters rest.

Artaban Interlude 6 Artaban's dangerous visions (for him!).

Game 16 Drow attack, follow tracks to Sigil portal. Meet cranium rats and Rule-of-Three.
Artaban's Game 16 Mushroom ale goggles...
Game 17 Waylaid by archons & demons in Sigil, meet LeShawn, traveled to Beastlands for magic bow.
Smith & Artaban 1&2 Artaban tattooed, Smith finds pulse rifle & Lincoln Library, Rule-of-Three sends them to Demonweb.

Aargh & Ox Interlude 1 Aargh & Ox drink up in Sigil for a week,Rule-of-Three says they should seek out party in Beastlands.

Smith & Artaban 3 Flee with Milori to Iron Wastes, Artaban head-case.

Smith & Artaban 4 Smith conks Artaban, escapes through Demonweb link totower. Loth chases, Phraint captures Smith.

Games 18&19 World Ash ratatosk shows path to Iron Wastes. There to Mount Celestia than to Sigil, then the Abyss, and back to Sigil via the River Styx.
Game 20 Party interrupts demon council, disturbs fake Lolth and finds portal to Hommlet in Greyhawk.
Artaban Interlude 7 Artaban communes with great book, finds self in inn looking out at party.

Game 21 Interlude Party finds druid strangeness, encounters Artaban at inn in Hommlet.

Game 21 Head to moathouse, fight dragon. Temple of Elemental Evil.

Bribel Interlude Someone in his head, but it's not Bribel.

Game 22 Encounter slamander noble and flaming skeletons.
Joe & Katri Interlude 1 Weird visions and poem in St. Cuthbert's basement.

Games 23&24(a)  Defeat Imix on pocket plane, fall to City of Brass. Meet genie.
Slade & Artaban Interlude Slade leaves Ataban entranced in Temple.

Artaban Interlude 8 Artaban controlled by psionics, Legendmind in ancient mosaic, awakens on ship with pirate hobbits.

Game 24(b) Party steals mask from Temple of Set.
Bridge to Game 25 Party returns to genie's tent, Slade joins them by using Golden Horn.
Duncan, Joe & Katri Interlude Genie treachery - an efreet! Artaban appears with enemy, adventurers escape with githyanki.

Game 25 Party takes portal to Lenap, seeks ancient temple from Duncan's original quest.
Bribel, Duncan, Joe & Katri Interlude Bribel teleported to githyanki stronghold on Astral plane, githyanki general sends them all back.

Games 26&27  Dungeoneering beneath jungle temple to find special sword, teleport back to Carnage, drow attack.
Game 28 Falling star destroys Carnage & George's home, the Nazharrow Woods. Adventure in blob from space.
Joe & Katri Interlude 2 Survive explosion in Thor Temple, follow blob trail to find party.

Game 29 Duthka'gith airships surround blob, party fights their way into blob.
Anton & Aargh Interlude Anton & Aargh locate blob, also find way inside.

Games 30&31 Find demons inside blob, inadvertently unite Tripartate of All Evil, free Tharizdun, meet phraints.
Ox Interlude Ox gets gift from Orcus.

Game 32(a) Aargh kills phraints, demons ambush party, rush to Trollslore fighting balors.
Game 32(b) Mokmalla saves party,advises find Church of the Elements, teleport to druid-dude, again balors.
Game 33 Portal to ancient island, after tests learn must find Vecna's phylactery.

Duncan & Tim Interlude After balor attack, teleport to Valon. After Tim consults with nobles, teleport back to party.

Games 34&35 Dragon attack in Valley of the Ancients, Citadel of the WeepingDragon - phylactery. Lolth in tower!

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