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About Matrox Lusch

Matrox Lusch has been playing The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game since January 1978. T2 took years to be released, which was complete bullshit. As a result, Matrox and his friends spent more than a quarter century planning and playing their own adventures for 1st Edition. Their last classic 1st Edition adventuring was in the "Blipping" Campaign which ran from 1989 through to 2005 ("Blipping" game history here).

In 2005 Matrox connived his friends with 3.5, running the "Wilderlands of High Fantasy" campaign from November 2005 through to 2011 (game history here). Matrox then DMed a 1st/3rd hybrid to gently modified 5th "Blipping #2" campaign from 2012 through 2019 (game history here). Also ran some "officially scheduled" games at DunDraCon Fridays from 2012-2020 (excepting 2014 when I took litigation trickster examination).

Presently in DM rotation of a shared New Old Weird World Unstick in the Multiverse campaign using Advanced Labyrinth Lord retro-clone hybrid of B/X and AD&D (runs in February, April, June, August, October each year, game history here).

Matrox Lusch (center with hands in face) and Friends at DunDraCon XVIII (1994)

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(Dark Times 1997-2004. This be after midnight late 1998. I had already passed out once that evening...)