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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Bonus In-Person Game!

(From left: Dr. John PhD, Matrox, J.A.S., Blue Gorilla, Sasch)

 We are on a roll! (Well some of us, anyways...)

We were able to hurriedly (one week!) assemble a jam/D&D event for Saturday at Blue Gorilla's posh, 19th floor condo on San Francisco's Nob Hill. Ha, although BBQing on the balcony was somewhat acrophobic-ish, and we had to keep jam instrument noises somewhat atypically softer, it was a fine night out for a game. Ha, too bad Blue Gorilla is moving to Portland to study for his PhD. (Another fricken DR.!)

Once Shade Structure's mage blipped out with the decanter, leaving the party free from the evil interplanar taint that intruded into the decanter room, our adventurers were able to escape weird Sigil to a gently wooded area near a funky, three-tiered tower.

J.A.S. ran us through "Lara's Tower" (1981) by Kevin Nunn, which was actually a tournament dungeon Kevin ran at PacificCon in 1980 (which convention coincidentally was also running at the same time this weekend at the Dunfey Hotel). The scenario was some straightforward hack 'n slash with some interesting map features for strategically taking on the baddies who inhabit this tower.

Now what the fuck are we going to do with a 12th level conference table?

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