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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Progressively Fated Back to Live


(Sasch, Dr. John PhD, J.A.S.)

Huzzah! Our gaming group (ha, well some of us anyway) met for an in-person game only the fourth time since Covid restrictions first manifested in March of 2020. We had BBQ, jam, game - the works, almost like The Beforetimes(!).

We generally run our "New-Old" OSR game every-other month (plus we has a special going-away game with Anton last November), so that's 4 out of 16 - not to bad.

The turnout was a bit low. Two players were online and another home sick with Covid. We have a couple gamers who weren't attracted to our online deal and we have yet to entice them back to the ways of the flesh.

It was good to actually roll them bones though. During the lockdown I got all new Gamescience non-borked dice. Don't look today though, all the good shit is out of stock. Except the "Pound of Dice" for sixty bucks. Hmmm what is up with that then? Of course I have all these precision dice, and I roll on the table with all these decorative divots in the glass.

Humans - not perfect - and I like it that way. 😊 

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